Our Services

  • Dealer website maintenance and management

Wright Media Link maintains your dealership’s website by keeping it updated with important links, coupons, sales, service and parts specials. We will keep the ads, that you supply, updated on the site as well as create graphics for specials and dealer events. We also keep your customer testimonials and site templates up to date. We have experience with Cobalt and Dealer.com digital marketing.

We will come to your dealership and take photos of your vehicle inventory then upload them to your website. We upload a minimum of ten photos per vehicle, additional photo uploads are negotiable. Each photo is previewed and edited, if necessary, before being displayed on your site.

  • Store and staff photography

Store and staff photographs are an important part of your presence on the internet. We will photograph and update individual staff members and assist them in creating a short bio that introduces them to the internet customer. We are flexible in taking special event photos for display on your site.

  • Website SEO

Search engine optimization, SEO, is an important part of keeping your dealership’s name at the top of search engine results.┬áConstant updating of key and specific words will keep your site in front of the competition. We utilize an organic method before resorting to paid optimization.

  • Website analytics

Website analytics measures, collects and analysis traffic on your site for the purpose of understanding who your customers are, where they are, what they are shopping for and helps in maximizing your advertising dollar to a specific audience. We embed analytics in your site, forward the results to your advertising department and use the information in creating a better online experience for your customers.

  • Social media content

Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, keep your dealership’s name at the forefront of your customers. We do send advertising avalanches to users, rather we use this medium to occasionally post special events, dealer and individual achievements as well as helpful information or special announcements. We want users to not only know that your dealer sells cars, but you are an important part of the community.

  • Dealer reputation

You work hard to maintain a positive reputation of your dealership in your community. What your staff projects to the public is a direct reflection of you. When a customer comes in your store, you want them to feel like they are not only important, but that you listened to them. The internet is the same. Customers who visit you store to buy a car, have their vehicle maintenanced or to purchase parts, do share their experiences online. We monitor sites, such as dealerrater.com, ripoffreport.com and others, and keep you informed of comments that may require your attention.

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